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With Halloween on the way, here's a true story about a haunted house.

In 1912, a wealthy family, the H's, moved into an older home on a quiet street; a grand house in some disrepair. Shortly after moving in, they began experiencing strange events.

Mrs H and her husband became tired and depressed. They started to hear… things.

Sometimes, they would hear footsteps upstairs, only to investigate and find no one there. They heard slamming doors and furniture being moved. All of their houseplants died. Their children grew lethargic. Then, one night, Mrs H awoke to see a ghostly man and a woman standing at the foot of her bed.

At the urging of Mr H's brother, the family sought the help of a local professor, who inspected the house from top to bottom. In the basement, he made a grisly discovery.

The home's furnace was defective.

Rather than a haunting, the family were experiencing the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. The invisible gas was leaking from the furnace into their home, causing physical weakness and vivid hallucinations. The family moved out at once and recovered shortly afterwards .

They were lucky, as carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal.

A hundred years later, there's no need to leave these things to luck. In the event of a carbon monoxide leak, an Alarm.com smart home security system detects the gas, alerts you, notifies a monitoring station, and responds proactively to minimize the danger.

Here are some other unwelcome things we protect you against:


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