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What are the Advantages of owning a Smart Smoke Detector?

October 2, 2015

As a new generation of connected fire and smoke detectors hits the market, it's important to know that not every detector billed as "smart" delivers the maximum safety for your home and family. A detector that is part of a fully integrated Smart Home is always safer, smarter and more efficient than a standalone fire/smoke detector, particularly when it comes to tak ...

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Home Owner Horrors

October 30, 2015

With Halloween on the way, here's a true story about a haunted house. In 1912, a wealthy family, the H's, moved into an older home on a quiet street; a grand house in some disrepair. Shortly after moving in, they began experiencing strange events. Mrs H and her husband became tired and depressed. They started to hear… things. Sometimes, they would hear footst ...

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