Marine solutions

Most boats are designed to facilitate wiring for on-board electrical systems.  Therefore adding a marine alarm is not a difficult task.  Alarm control modules designed to operate in the marine environment incorporate features for reducing the volume of audible status indicators, varying siren run time, activating boarding lights, notifying owners of on-deck activity and turning the cabin motion sensors on and off for overnight stays.  Whatever control module is used, installations are kept simple without excessive sensors or intricate wiring.

Eagle Security offers also wire-less alarms. .A proud winner of the 2013 IFSEC & FIREX Awards, the G5 is the epitome of aesthetic design and functional powerness. As the Intruder Alarm Product of the Year, the system comes with an unobtrusive touch keypad that is easy on the eye and simple to operate. Simply insert a regular SIM card with credit, and when the system detects acts of intrusion, you will be notified by a phone call and SMS text message while the loud siren sounds at a formidable decibel. 
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