Software Management

Optimized for Megapixel Video Recording
Leveraging more than a decade of experience in the field of high-performanceStorage, Surveon VMS has been optimized to deal with high data loads, minimizing the risk of frame loss, hardware failure, system shut down and providing security integrators with aSimple update path to megapixel video solutions.

Real Time Video Analytics
Surveon VMS turns traditional surveillance networks into effectiveDetection and monitoring solutions utilizing a comprehensive video analytics suite for real-time detection & alerts, including missing object, foreign object, basic intrusion, forbidden area,tampering and general motion detection. 

Scalable Client - Server Architecture
With client-server architecture, Surveon VMS excels in both simple Standalone models and distributed multi-server, multiple-site Situations. 

Active Alarm and Event Handling

VMS allows users instant playback functions from live Video feeds and alarm notifications. These video clips can be Bookmarked and archived for further investigation, providing users Actionable event monitoring.

Powerful Investigative Modes
In addition to the standard date-time search and instant playback,Surveon VMS also supports multi-event and video intelligent Searches. These powerful search modes increase investigative Effectiveness and efficiency. 

Multiple Display Options
Surveon VMS supports up to 8 monitors that can be easily Configured to display combinations of live video, eMAP,Investigation or HTML content to meet customer’s requirements.
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